In a world of increasing women’s rights, it is important to realize the steps we still have. Let’s talk about the recent political roar over Doritos’ suggestion of making a “Dorita,” a chip aimed at women. The product would be less messy, less crunching, and a smaller, purse-size portion. News stations and activists are taking the idea as a radical insult at women, claiming the Dorita is a form of oppression, telling women how to eat.

Over the weekend, 29 women, according to USA Today, were arrested in Iran for protesting the required use of the hijab. I have heard a single report of this in the time I have heard six of the “Dorita” complaints. In a world where we profess to help end oppression of women, it is outstandingly foolish that we focus on things as minuscule as a chip when there are women who are being denied basic human rights. Don’t get me wrong, oppression in any form is unacceptable, but we should be focused on supporting these women rather than some marketing hype.

Jasmine Griffin, South Jordan