Contrary to the claim of Bob Brister and Frances ReMillard (“Protecting Israel,” Public Forum, Feb. 7), the BDS bill neither silences criticism nor restricts free speech. Instead it fights the delegitimization of the Middle East’s only democracy — and one where Israeli Arabs have more rights than residents in any other country in the region.

There is a fundamental hypocrisy behind the BDS movement. It targets the freest state in the Middle East. It punishes Israel for Palestinian rejection of every past peace process. It is part of an ongoing political war to dismantle Israel that followed the failure of military wars.

If those advocating BDS were fair, they would target Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas for refusing to negotiate, and for inciting violence.

Imagine how different the region could be if Arab leaders had looked forward as did Israel, after it survived the 1948 Arab invasion? It built a modern economy while under siege. It uplifted all the Jewish refugees from Arab countries. Contrast this with the chaotic consequences of the backward looking policies of Arab regimes, and the BDS movement they promote.

Doron Lubinsky, Atlanta, GA