I am aghast that HB169 passed the House. EnergySolutions does not need the Utah taxpayers to subsidize its fees. It is a profitable, successful business and evidently, a very wise investor. It seems that $67,700 in campaign contributions to legislators may buy EnergySolutions $1.72 million per year in taxpayer money. That’s a return of roughly 2,500 percent per annum. Where can I sign up for a deal like that?

I believe everyone should pay their fair share in taxes, including corporations, whether they contribute to campaigns or not. The fees EnergySolutions pays are fair and appropriate, and the business is thriving. I also believe that our legislators should be above this sort of corrupt dealing.

Senators, please vote against HB169, and help restore my faith that our state government represents Utah, and not just the highest bidder for its attention and favor. Fellow Utahns, is this sort of venal behavior from your elected officials acceptable to you? If not, please call, write or visit your representatives and senators and remind them that while EnergySolutions might give them fat bags of cash, we the people are the ones who can actually vote them into or out of office.

Geneva Lawrence, Salt Lake City