Who gives promoters and owners of athletic events the authority to test the patriotism of spectators and athletes before every game? All fans and athletes love their country, even when their suppositions of how the country should be governed are in conflict.

Why introduce political conflict into an entertaining sporting event in which the prevailing mood should be fun and excitement? Sports fans and athletes should not be forced to take a test of patriotism at a sporting event by playing the national anthem. That is way out of line, way out of place.

Politicians pin those American flags to their lapels in an attempt to show their loyalty. Another more honest and sincere way to do that is to cooperate, compromise and legislate for the good of all citizens. We average citizens, who all love our beautiful America, do not need a final exam on that love at a sporting event.

Play our national anthem at the Olympics. Let the world know who we really are.

John Dombek, Santa Clara