Letter: If the Mormon church can change its mind on polygamy, there’s room for change on LGBT issues

Emma Hale Smith, wife of LDS Church founder Joseph Smith. Photo courtesy of the LDS Church

When LDS President Robert S. Monson declared that same-sex couples were apostates and their children could not be blessed or baptized, he said that it was the mind of the Lord and the will of the Lord and the “Brethren” all said that they felt the confirmation of the spirit. Can they reverse the mind and the will of the Lord?

Joseph Smith started polygamy as being from God. He told his wife, Emma, that if she did not support him in this she would be destroyed! Doctrine and Covenants 132:54. Destroyed??! Later it has been changed again to one man and one woman. The Mormon church, with all its strictly enforced rules where young people end their lives in desperation for not being accepted by their church, their family and their God, is a religion where I since 2004, after 55 very active years, did not want to be any more.

Jesus said to love thy God, and thy neighbor as thyself. For God we are all equal. He only does not like it when we hurt or kill others.

Ria van Lent, Woods Cross

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