Take everything the right has said about Barrack Obama and apply it to Donald Trump and our beloved right wing loved ones would be within a galaxy of making any sense.

I went to Salt Lake City. The air quality is a disgrace. The highway is thick with diesel pickup trucks putting out a cloud of soot in one’s face. Selfish, I get. I’m selfish. But this behavior is beyond selfish. It’s an assault. Our right wingers whine and moan about being picked on by the “gumment” bossing them around about their pollution. It’s precisely because of these servile nitwits that we need a “gumment” in the first place.

You know what we need in this country? A “gumment” to tax people who toss their trash into the public reservoir. If we wouldn’t be so brain dead, we wouldn’t need a gumment and we wouldn’t need a tax. But we are and we do.

Charles Ashurst, Logan