Regarding George Pyle’s Dec. 17 commentary (“Philosophy majors don’t serve fries”): I am a proud philosophy major, class of 1978, University of North Carolina.

I can say with the hindsight and wisdom of a woman in her 60s that my training in philosophy has served me well in my life. It has enabled me to question the consumerism and corporate greed of our times, which has created wealth for some, but little redeeming value to society or to the planet. It has helped me to challenge group-think and to question charismatic leaders whose assertions are too readily accepted as the truth.

Philosophy students value language. They learn to think critically and independently. They support their positions with logic, not demeaning emotional outbursts.

We live in a time when loyalty to a leader or to a party takes precedence over loyalty to the truth or to the good of our nation. What is lacking in our populace is the willingness to question assumptions and conclusions. Now, more than ever, we need the power of philosophy and logic. Fallacious arguments and bullying tactics should not be the basis of our republic.

The integrity of our nation depends upon a solid, critical-thinking citizenry.

Anne Sheppard-Kurek, South Jordan