What happened to my America? Many years ago I was sworn in as an American citizen. During the ceremony we all said the Pledge of Allegiance and I was especially taken by “with liberty and justice for all.”

A teacher was found out to have a sexual relationship with a student and was punished for it, rightfully so.

A businessman was accused of improper behavior by several women and he was elected president of the United States.

Several politicians are accused of misconduct with women and had to resign their position. Rightfully so.

A candidate for the presidency on tape gleefully admitted to groping women. He was chosen to lead our nation.

And now, our leadership, including the female politicians, including the so-called religious politicians, are kissing up to the moron in the White House.

And, talking about religion, where is the outcry from America’s religious leaders?

When next the Pledge of Allegiance is proposed, I will respectfully stand — but not say a single word.

Frank J. Kohlschein, Sandy