The Republican legislators’ unwavering support of Donald Trump shows there is no consciousness of wrong or inappropriate behavior; no shame among them (“… Hatch, who elicits president’s praise ...”). Instead, they use the ruckus around his harassing and divisive words and deeds for cover.

Their use of majority rule for a closed-door one-sided approach to governing — tax privileging, national monuments, repeal and replace, and Neil Gorsuch — unmasks their claim to moral standards that their actions do not meet. This values deficit is symbolic of the civic and financial cost to follow. What will it take for them to stop this vanity of trumped-up reality?

Without a true change of heart and embrace of egalitarian patriotism, they force unwanted distress and danger upon good people everywhere. Unless decency prevails among them, we all fall victim to acts that make American freedom and hope last and lowly, certainly not great.

Greg A. Pedroza, Salt Lake City