Sen. Orrin Hatch lambasted Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio for Sherrod’s comments on the new tax plan that Sherrod believes would mostly benefit the rich. Sherrod presented facts and figures to support his view, but damn the facts and figures.

To quote Hatch: “I come from the poor people, and I have been here working my whole stinkin’ career for people who don’t have a chance, and I really resent anybody that says I’m just doing it for the rich. Give me a break.”

Please, Sen. Hatch, give me a break. I wish I had such a “stinkin’ career.” You have spent over 40 years in office supposedly as a public servant and have amassed a personal wealth of nearly $5 million.

Let’s discuss how you managed that on a public servant’s salary. It wouldn’t have anything to do with donations from those corporations that you are now giving big tax breaks to would it?

Brad Swedlund, Salt Lake City