Reports out of Washington have Sen. Orrin Hatch saying bad words in the Senate when challenged on the tax bill by Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Bullcrap? Oh my. Such intemperate language from our own meek and mild Sen. Hatch.

I never imagined he even knew such words. What could be next? Will he use the “f” words to describe his Democratic colleagues as flippin’, frickin’, or even fetchin’? It appears that Sen. Hatch, stuffed to the gills with unregulated dietary supplements (and their campaign contributions) may have edged his testosterone content up a bit, perhaps to emulate our beloved president, and slipped into ’roid rage territory.

Time to rebalance the portfolio, so to speak. He just seems so grouchy and irritable these days, even with a completely Republican government to work with.

I haven’t even heard of any new songs he has written to gladden our hearts (May I suggest “Healthcare Blues,” the “Russian Collusion Frog March,” or “Tax Cut Cut Cut Rap”?)

I hope Sen. Hatch can get his supplement habit under control so that he can continue to represent his constituents well into his 90th decade.

The opioid manufacturers and supplement multi-level marketers deserve no less from their senator for hire.

John Middleton, Salt Lake City