The construction of a tram atop Mount Baldy is not only an eyesore to everyday users of the Wasatch, but also yet another obstacle for the region’s native species as the climate changes.

Climate change is not a distant threat, many reports have shown that climate change will have a devastating impact on alpine environments within our own Wasatch Mountains. Snowbird had to close early due to a lack of snow, what the Salt Lake Tribune called “weeks of unseasonable warmth.”

Species that call high alpine climates home are most susceptible to climate change, as their habitat will continuously shrink the farther uphill they migrate. My thoughts on the proposed tram atop Mount Baldy: no more construction in the Wasatch Mountains alpine environments.

These local species are already at their limits, and a further loss of habitat will push them past this delicate threshold we call sustainability.

Alec Quick, Holladay