The House and Senate Republicans, including our representatives, have devised the largest tax cut to the people who least need it. Yes, I’m talking about those 1 percent who have it and need more. Why? Because maybe they need a new yacht, or they need another summer home? Who knows why?

Yet they are trying to tell us that cutting the corporate tax from 39 to 20 percent, with no elimination of deductions, is going to stimulate the economy. That by eliminating the estate tax, it will stimulate the economy. I thought the economy was cruising according to the tweeter-in-chief.

So why now this great tax break for the rich? Because those who are beholden to the super rich, including our own representatives, are demanding return on their investments. Just as any good investor would expect. Except these investments, are at the expense of the majority in this country, who have the least to sacrifice.

I would like to ask our representatives, Orrin Hatch, Mike Lee, Rob Bishop, Mia Love, Chris Steward and the new guy from Provo: When is the greed going to stop? Or are the extra paychecks from the lobbyists just too much to turn down? We elect you to represent all of the people all of the time, not just the fat cats who think they own the country. Or maybe I’m just disillusioned about the whole concept of the game being fair for all, yet all I see is a game that is rigged, with hypocrisy.

So I’m asking, when are the people of Utah going to wake up and see that the Republican ruse is just a rigged game in their favor, for their favorite friends, the 1 percent. Time to wake up and change your vote in your interest, not theirs.

Charles Glaser, West Valley City