Oh, my holy heck, Sen. Hatch. Enough.

A proven serial liar, a proven racist, a proven misogynist, this is “one of the best I’ve ever served under”? And, excuse me, you serve “under” him? Aren’t the three branches of government supposed to be equal? You think he is unafraid to make decisions? “Knee jerk” and “decision-making” are a couple of things best left out of the Oval Office.

The days of the old white men (read dinosaurs) running this country are fast coming to an end. The one good thing that will come out of 2016’s horrific election is the rise of women in power. As the big old sexual harassers who have used their positions of power to keep the little women quiet fall to the wayside and the revolution will gain momentum and perhaps, just perhaps, this country, this planet, will stand a chance of survival.

Move aside, senator, while you have a shred of dignity left.

Becky W. Gledhill, Cottonwood Heights