Michael Dunn and the KBYU Broadcasting Board, please reconsider the decision to eliminate your classical music programming. In the midst of the noise, triviality, immaturity, dissension and confusion being presented today as radio fare, your classical music format stands out as a unique offering of elegance and quiet simplicity. For many of us, it is one of the few worthwhile radio programs.

The Tribune reported on Oct. 23 that you, Mr. Dunn, admitted there are no other classical music offerings on AM or FM in Utah, but you indicated that it doesn’t matter because of the many digital resources for classical music. I am a member of the large and growing senior population. It may come as a surprise, Mr. Dunn, that many of us in this group don’t wish to engage wholeheartedly in the digital world. We are the people who still want to hold the book we are reading; we want to take long walks without earbuds so we can hear nature’s beauty; we want to retain our mental acuity and our ability to remember instead of assigning these precious abilities to a device we keep in our pockets.

Do not eliminate your classical music programming. It is truly a unique treasure.

Ellie Ienatsch, Sandy