Girls have a different role in life, scouting programs, leadership and religion than boys in the LDS Church, so no surprise about the no-change policy for LDS in the national scouting program. The LDS Church seems fixed on not expanding horizons for women. The role they have been given to play is as unchanging as the ideology around gays, lesbians, transgender people and others the church has placed in a stereotypical space.

Why change? Most LDS women accept their role and continue to be devout, active and subordinated to men. They believe that God dictates what their male counterparts do, and who could argue with God?

Because my research for my doctorate implicated the view from the pulpit that impacted women in educational leadership, my feelings bump to the surface when I read one more denial of power for girls and women through the LDS leadership system. Men with the priesthood, which women can never have, take that power into work. The bishop on Sunday is the superintendent, the principal and board member on Monday. LDS women take a lesser amount of power into their employment.

This new position on Boy Scouts further sets the foundation for discrimination against women.

Marilyn A. Miller, Millcreek