I am an American, born here in America and still live here in America.

I have been saddened by the recent outcome with the NFL and its sponsors beside the citizens of the free country who show so much disrespect for the country and our flag and the national anthem. It is time that we who are true Americans to tell the country how we truly feel about this America.

I am in a power wheelchair, so I cannot stand when the national anthem is being played, but I do take my hat off and do place my right hand over my heart and sing the national anthem. It is hard when I see people not remove their hat, (meaning men and women) as the national anthem is played. I admire the veterans who always stand and take there hats off and place there hand and hat over there heart, because they gave part of their life for us to stay free.

We as true Americans should boycott the NFL for a few weeks and give them a message of how we really feel, so this weekend and next weekend, I will not watch an NFL game and will not watch Monday Night Football for the next two Mondays. You may pass this on if you so wish.

God bless America.

John Prescott