Ever wonder which of America’s states is the least sinful? Yeah, me neither. I have my own problems — sin being one of the least of them.

But I understand that some here might automatically think that the most sinless state is Utah. After all, which state is more known for being God-fearing than this one, right?

Well, it’s not us. It’s Vermont. Of the 50 states, the Green Mountain State commits fewer sins than the rest. It must be all that “Freedom and Unity” Vermont’s slogan proclaims.

The ranking of Vermont as the least sinful comes according to a study conducted by WalletHub, which measured cardinal sins such as hatred, jealousy, greed, lust, vanity and laziness.

I know this is confusing to many of you. How could a super-blue liberal state like Vermont be less sinful than a red state filled with churches?

If that wasn’t bad enough, we were also beaten out for the most holy by Maine and North Dakota. We’re the fourth least-sinful state, barely ahead of Wyoming and Iowa.

The top five most-sinful states (in order of wickedness) are Florida, California, Nevada, Texas and Georgia.

Let’s break it down and see how Mormon-dominated Utah fares across the span of cardinal sins when compared with the other 49 states. The states that took top dishonors in each category are in parenthesis.

Anger • 46 (Tennessee)

Jealousy • 30 (Florida)

Excesses and vice • 50 (Ohio)

Greed • 44 (Nevada)

Lust • 44 (Texas)

Vanity • 24 (New York)

Sloth • 44 (Nevada)

The various categories are measured by actual statistics. For example, anger was based on the per capita ratio of violent crime, bullying, maltreatment of adults and other factors.

Gleeful assertions to the contrary, Utah does not lead the nation in porn consumption. Compared with other states, we’re sixth from the bottom.

The top five winners in that category are Mississippi, Hawaii, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana. The state with the lowest web time spent on porn is Rhode Island. But Vermont pops up again at No. 49.

Vermont also comes in dead last when it comes to jealousy. What the hell do people in Vermont do?

Some of the results make sense, depending on your personal bias and the states’ reputations.

It makes sense to me that Nevada took the top spot in greed, and New York beat out the other 49 when it comes to vanity.

There are more beauty salons per capita in New York than anywhere else in America. Conversely, Alaska has the fewest. It might be because Alaskans are forced to remain indoors or inside bulky parkas half the year. Utah ranks smack in the middle when it comes to spending time in front of mirrors.

None of this really means anything to the individual. After all, it’s possible to live in Las Vegas and never gamble or in Tennessee without shooting someone. We still have to own our personal behaviors.

For me, the most sinful state in America is boredom. When I get restless, the rest of that stuff comes calling on its own.