I can’t believe that I have to compose this message to Alta, a ski resort that feels like a family member to me. I learned to ski at Alta in 1988, have memories of hundreds of days under its blue skies and even got married under Alf’s HighRustler. My whole life, Alta has been by far and away my favorite ski resort and embodies part of who I am.

Unfortunately, Alta’s move to exclude Grizzly Gulch from the Mountain Accord land transfer is a deep betrayal that causes me to have to break from my beloved mountain. It is sad that a resort supposedly committed to preserving the Albion Basin has pursued monetary greed in favor of preservation in Grizzly Gulch. Not only will I not purchase lift tickets from Alta, I will actively discourage people (and hopefully galvanize support on social media) from visiting Alta because of its betrayal of conservatism in favor of monetary gain.

I feel so sad that Alta couldn’t have just stuck with the original Mountain Accord deal, which would have benefited the resort substantially. Instead it chose greed, and for this reason I say goodbye forever to Alta.

Alta 1939-2018. R.I.P.

Dan Barrell, Salt Lake City