Happy Tuesday! Rumors about President Donald Trump’s health were rampant this weekend after he made an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed. But the president’s doctor said last night it was simply a routine check up. Dr. Sean P. Conley, physician to the president, used a memo released by the White House late Monday night to refute speculation that Trump had suffered from chest pain or another serious issue that led him to suddenly depart the White House by motorcade on Saturday afternoon. [Politico]

Topping the news: A judge heard oral arguments yesterday in the start of Salt Lake City’s case against the creation of the controversial Utah Inland Port. [Trib] [DNews] [Fox13]

-> Utah’s higher education leaders have decided to phase out state-funded merit scholarships to free up millions of dollars for students who can’t afford college. [Trib]

-> Utah mines might have a key overseas export point cut off if Bay Area city goes through with a ban on coal shipments. [Trib]

Tweets of the day: From @EvanMcMullin: "Behave yourselves, House Republicans. The world is watching.

-> From @daveweigel: “People keep making fun of the Buttigieg ‘High Hopes’ dance, but it’s actually a ritual that channels ley line energy to bind Big Structural Bailey, an Old One who with the power to destroy human civilization.”

Also in the news: Jon Huntsman, who recently announced he’s running for governor of Utah, will speak at Weber State University on Tuesday. [StandEx]

-> Robert Gehrke weighs in on the possible pitfalls Huntsman may face in his 2020 campaign for Utah’s governor. [Trib]

-> Rep. Ben McAdams, Utah’s only Democrat in Congress, is being targeted in new TV commercials that also describe impeachment hearings as “a politically motivated charade.” [DNews]

-> Pat Bagley illustrates not the Statue of Liberty, but the Statue of White Supremacy featuring Stephen Miller. [Trib]

-> In a historic change, both Murray and South Salt Lake will see their first female-majority city councils next year. [Trib]

Nationally: Impeachment investigators are looking into whether President Donald Trump lied in his written answers to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. [NYTimes] [CNN] [AP]

-> Trump suggested he might be willing to offer written testimony in the House impeachment probe over whether he pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate his political rivals. [AP]

-> Following the Supreme Court’s hold on a lower court opinion that allowed a House subpoena to go forward, Trump’s financial documents will not be released on Wednesday. [CNN] [AP] [WaPost]

-> Staff members from the Senate Finance Committee met with a whistleblower from the IRS who has alleged that senior officials attempted to exert influence over the mandatory audit of the president’s tax returns. [NYTimes] [WaPost]

-> California has moved to halt all purchases of new vehicles from automakers that backed stripping the state of its authority to regulate tailpipe emissions. [NYTimes]

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