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The rapid rise of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been paralleled by that of her chief of staff, Saikat Chakra­barti. The 33-year-old son of Indian immigrants is a formerly politically disengaged techie who has become something of a movement leader and an insurgent insider to watch. [WaPo]

Topping the news: Anti-inland port activists say a protest earlier this week became riotous because of police violence. Meanwhile, police say six officers were assaulted by protesters. [Trib] [Fox13] [DNews] [KUTV2]

-> A man allegedly responsible for falsely advertising that Sen. Kamala Harris would come to Utah has been nabbed in Wyoming with a stolen car belonging to his former event co-organizer. [Trib]

-> An internal review board audit at the University of Utah raised serious questions about the safety of research into drowsy driving and semi-autonomous vehicles on public highways. Two research assistants also raised safety questions. [DNews]

Tweets of the day: From @wordofgreen: "Welcome to Utah, where the only hard "T" folks pronounce is the one in Lagoon’s Biergarten."

-> From @Pappiness: “Paul Ryan talking badly about Trump now is like someone saying they’d run into a burning building to save people after the building has already burned down”

-> From @philritz1: “What’s greener than a Tesla and a solar roof on your house? A dense city with mass transit that doesn’t force you to buy a car. 🌲 🏢🌳 ❤️ 🚊 🚌 🚲 🚶‍♀”

Happy Birthday: to Utah State Society President Dain Hansen and Jerry Rechtenbach, owner of Rechtenbach Insurance and former Taylorsville mayor.

News Quiz: Last time, 94% of you knew MacKenzie Lueck was missing, but only 40% knew that a Utah elementary school blocked a diabetic student from going to class. Think you kept up with the news this week? Take our quiz to find out. A new one will post every Friday morning. You can find previous quizzes here. If you’re using The Salt Lake Tribune mobile app, click here. [Trib]

Behind the headlines: Tribune reporters Taylor Stevens and Andy Larsen, and news columnist Robert Gehrke, join KCPW's Roger McDonough to talk about the week's top stories, including an Inland Port protest at the Salt Lake City Chamber.

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In other news: A new climate study shows that Salt Lake City’s summers could feel like Las Vegas in just over 30 years because of climate change. [Trib]

-> Utah has received a federal grant to form a rapid response team trained to react to outbreaks of foodborne illnesses. [Trib]

-> The group Utah for Responsible Growth wants Salt Lake County to back off any approval of the proposed Olympia Hills development near Herriman and leave the decisions to local cities. [ValleyJournals]

-> Pat Bagley ponders where Pelosi’s energy is channeled. [Trib]

-> Housing Secretary Ben Carson visited Utah and toured one of the opportunity zones in which bankers get tax breaks for financing developments in poor neighborhoods. [Trib] [DNews]

-> The Utah Transit Authority Board has approved a pilot project for micro transit in the south Valley based off ride apps. [Trib]

-> Gov. Gary Herbert said talks are underway with Utah Native American tribes to try to reach a deal over the future of Bears Ears. [Fox13]

-> A new recycled-paper mill is coming to Utah. [KSL]

-> UDOT holds a news conference to remind people not to drive while drowsy — it can be deadly. [Trib]

Nationally: The Dow Jones Industrial Average is over 27,000 for the first time ever. [WSJ]

-> The bad news? The U.S. government posted an $8 billion budget deficit for June. [Reuters]

-> President Donald Trump is giving up on adding a citizenship question to the census. [WSJ] [Reuters]

-> The acting head of the Bureau of Land Management said euthanasia and selling horses for slaughter is off the table as a management plan for culling wild horse herds. [APviaTrib]

-> Climate change could ruin sport fishing as warmer waters lead to fish die-offs. [USA Today]

-> The University of Delaware has Senate records donated by former Vice President Joe Biden which were supposed to be made public this year, but they are being kept secret. [WaPo]

-> Trump hosted a “social media summit” with some of his biggest Twitter fans. [NYT] [Politico]

-> Some activists believe an increasing human population is too much for Earth’s finite resources, while others express concern about the ethics and racial implications of telling people to have less kids. [AlJazeera]

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