Gov. Gary Herbert said Tuesday that Utahns can help Las Vegas shooting victims by offering two things: blood and prayers.

He said that as Utah officials have talked to their counterparts in Nevada, they heard one main request: “They said, ‘We need blood. We need blood.’”

So Herbert said Utah has been working with the Red Cross and others to seek those blood donations. “The good news is the response has been good, overwhelming in some places with people standing in lines to give blood.”

Herbert said some prayers may be helpful, too.

“As I’ve said to many of the people I’ve met with the last day, some of us can give blood — but we can all give prayers. So let’s make sure we pray for the victims, their families and those who are hurt and help them to heal as quickly as possible.”

Herbert added that the state government is also sending, at Nevada’s request, some counselors to help victims.

“We are arranging for counselors. People are going to need some counseling for this horrific event. That’s an area where we can help,” he said.

Herbert added that Utah has offered to help with public safety as needed, and with any other needs that Nevada officials find.

“We have been in communication from the very early morning hours of yesterday and continuing on through today to see what role we can play to help them through this horrific tragedy,” the governor said.

“We can help. We’re close at hand,” Herbert said. “I think the outpouring of love and support from the entire nation has been heartwarming and encouraging.”