Carbon County • A man was arrested after police say he got drunk, got into an argument and threatened to shoot his pregnant sister in the head.

Joshua Dean Holt was arrested Wednesday, and police said he had been at his mother’s house drinking alcohol, KSTU Fox 13 News reports.

According to charging documents, Holt got angry when more relatives came over “because he did not like his sister’s husband.”

An argument broke out and Holt threatened to shoot his sister’s husband and then threatened to shoot his sister, who is 32 weeks pregnant, in the head.

Holt began walking toward the front of the home where his firearms were located, and a friend came and pulled the man out of the house. Once outside, Holt punched the hood of his mother’s car and caused damage to the vehicle.

When Holt was arrested, police found an Alprazolam pill on his person. Police say Alprazolam is a schedule IV narcotic.

Holt was arrested and faces charges of intoxication, criminal mischief, two counts of threat of violence, and one count of possession or use of a controlled substance.