A backed-up sewer, a lack of hot water and a refrigerator that doesn’t keep food cold, forced the closure of a sushi restaurant in Sandy on Wednesday.

Ichiban Sushi and Asian Cuisine, 109 W. 9000 South, was ”closed for presenting an imminent health hazard,” according to a notice posted on the Salt Lake County Health Department.

In all, the restaurant was cited for 47 health code violations — 31 of which are considered “critical” and could negatively affect human health.

The restaurant will remain shuttered until the owners fix the problems and health inspectors deem it safe for the public.

Among the most critical problems reported:

• Sewage remnants were present in the kitchen from backed-up floor drains.

• The walk-in cooler was not functioning properly and was unable to keep food below 41 degrees.

• The facility lacked the capacity to provide hot water to all faucets during peak hours of operation.

• There was no soap or hand-drying provisions at hand-sinks used by employees.

• Cooked crab, crab salad and raw salmon were being held at too high a temperature, which can cause bacterial growth.

• Cooked rice was held at too low of a temperature, which can cause bacterial growth.

• Raw fish was stored next to ready-to-eat food.

* Wall paint was in disrepair and chipping above uncovered food.

• A bucket of food was stored on the floor.

• Linens were being used to grip raw salmon.

• A container of sanitizer concentration was stored next to, and within the splash zone, of uncovered food.