UPDATE • This restaurant reopened on Jan. 9, 2018.

The Salt Lake County Health Department shut down a Japanese steakhouse in Sandy on Monday for having mice droppings, suspicious fish, food stored in grocery bags and “general filth.”

In all, Fuji Japanese Steakhouse, 10849 S. State, received 56 health code violations — 27 that inspectors called critical to human health, a notice on the department’s website shows.

“The establishment is closed for numerous critical violations,” the notice says, including “parasite destruction, various hand sinks lacking soap and paper towels, lack of parasite destruction letters and general filth.”

The restaurant will remain closed until the owners can fix the problems and inspectors deem it safe for the public.

Among the worst problems found by inspectors:

  • Mice droppings on shelves by food and in the dry storage area.
  • Raw meat stored above ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler.
  • No written agreement or statement from supplier verifying that fish have been frozen and stored at temperatures required to properly destroy parasites.
  • Food is being stored in grocery bags.
  • Sriracha bottles are being used to store poisonous or toxic materials.
  • Interior surfaces of the ventilation hood are heavily soiled with grease. The grill and the walk-in are dirty. The rice scoop is dirty. Shelves in the walk-in cooler are unclean to sight and touch. Dirty dishes are stacked with clean dishes.
  • Hot water not working on the front kitchen hand sink. No soap or hand-drying materials at various sinks.
  • Personal items are stored on food. Mouthwash is stored on a shelf with food. Vaseline is stored in the kitchen.
  • Butane was stored by food.