Health inspectors closed the deli inside a Smith’s Marketplace at 455 S. 500 East in Salt Lake City for several hours on Wednesday after clogged floor drains caused waste water to back up into food preparation areas.

The area where ready-to-eat foods are made was shut down for “presenting an imminent health hazard,” a notice on the department website showed.

The water problems were fixed Thursday and health inspectors allowed the area to reopen to the public, officials said.

The clogged drain was one of two dozen health code violations that the deli was cited for. Other problems include:

• Dish machine was broken and not functioning.

• Employee personal beverages and food found in food preparation area.

• Employee keys found on a food preparation counter.

• Dirty floors in various areas including under cooking equipment.

• Bowls used as food scoops and stored inside food containers.

• Food stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer.

• Equipment held together with duct tape.