‘The Daily Buzz’ podcast: Will magic mushrooms grow on Utah lawmakers?

A Utah House proposal would create a task force to study the use of psychedelics to treat mental illness.

(Pat Bagley and Christopher Cherrington | The Salt Lake Tribune) The logo of The Daily Buzz podcast from The Salt Lake Tribune.

On Friday, Jan. 22′s episode of “The Daily Buzz,” Salt Lake Tribune politics journalists discuss COVID-19 in the Utah Capitol building and a House proposal to study psychedelics, like mushrooms, as a way to treat mental illnesses in Utah.

Rep. Brady Brammer, R-Pleasant Grove, has proposed legislation in the House that would create a Mental Illness Psychotherapy Drug Task Force that would make recommendations on controlled substances that could be potentially used to “treat, manage or alleviate symptoms from mental illness.”

Also, the Tribune’s Courtney Tanner reports that Brigham Young University is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education for its disciplinary practices against LGBTQ students and to determine whether or not the private university violated the civil rights of those students.

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