Still waiting for your state income tax refund? Something is probably wrong.

If you filed on time, you should’ve gotten it by now.

(Jeremy Harmon | The Salt Lake Tribune) Utah's individual income tax return form.

If you filed your Utah state income tax return on time and you still haven’t gotten the refund you were expecting, something is wrong. You need to contact the state tax commission.

Unlike the Internal Revenue Service, the Utah State Tax Commission doesn’t have millions of tax returns still waiting to be processed. The federal backlog “is not impacting us at all,” said commission spokeswoman Tammy Kikuchi. “If someone is facing a delay on their refund, then it has to do with that particular return. There may be a problem with it.”

The state tax commission hasn’t encountered an unusually large number of returns that contain mistakes this year, she said. “It’s just about the same as always.”

And it is unusual for a taxpayer who filed by the May 17 deadline to still be waiting to get a check in the mail — or an electronic deposit — four months later.

“If they’ve been waiting more than 90 days for their refund, then they need to go online or call to find out what’s going on,” Kikuchi said.

She recommended going to tap.utah.gov and clicking on the “Check Your Refund Status” link. Taxpayers can also call 801-297-2200.