Tell the Tribune: Amplifying community solutions on the Salt Lake Valley’s west side

Utah is one of the fastest growing states in the nation, but with the uptick in population comes the responsibility to address issues that will impact Utahns.

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Innovation Lab aims to identify solutions to some of the biggest hardships facing various Utah communities, such as air quality, housing affordability, and climate change. Historically, big picture issues have impacted diverse, communities of color at a higher rate, especially the west side of the Salt Lake Valley.

Community engagement and brainstorming is one main drivers of innovative solutions. The Innovation Lab is dedicated to amplifying the steps Utahns living on the west side of the valley have taken, or want to take, in order to create a better environment for all.

So we’re asking you, a member of Utah’s west side community, to tell the Tribune what stellar things your community is up to, the obstacles you’re grappling with and how you would overcome them if given the opportunity.

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