5-year-old Utah boy accidentally shoots and kills himself

The child had found a loaded handgun in his home.

A 5-year-old Utah boy died Sunday when he apparently shot himself by accident.

According to Smithfield Police Chief Travis K. Allen, the boy and his family returned home from a camping trip late Saturday night and “did not unpack their belongings” — which included a loaded handgun in one of the bags. The boy woke up early Sunday morning while his parents and siblings were still in bed and went to the main living area of the home, where the packed bags remained.

“At some point, the child found the loaded firearm, and the firearm ... discharged while he was handling it,” Allen wrote in an email. “The child was struck in the head.”

The boy’s parents found him and called police. According to Allen, the investigation into the boy’s death continues. The boy’s name has not been released.

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