Hundreds of Salt Lake County residents — many of whom lost jobs due to the coronavirus — received a donation Monday of farm-fresh Utah food.

The donations — part of the Farmers Feeding Utah project — were distributed to about 1,200 families at the Utah State Fairpark and included potatoes, sweet corn, garlic and dried cherries as well as cheese, beef, eggs and milk.

Food donations also were made to various pantries in Salt Lake County, including Crossroads Urban Center, University Neighborhood Partners, AFL-CIO, and the Veterans Affairs hospital.

It was the third “miracle” donation made this year by the nonprofit arm of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation. The three-part campaign raises money from individuals and business, uses 100% of the proceeds to buy food from struggling Utah farms, and then distributes the items to residents in need.

“Instead of mourning the barriers in the food supply system,” said Farm Bureau President Ron Gibson, “we’ve gone to work growing a miracle with the Farmers Feeding Utah campaign.”

So far the nonprofit foundation has raised more than $300,000.

The first round of funds provided 500 live sheep and 16,000 pounds of food to residents of the Navajo Nation in southern Utah. Another $100,000 was used to buy milk, meat, potatoes, cheese and eggs for the pantries in Box Elder, Cache and Rich counties.

Donations to help purchase, process and distribute food to Utah families still can be made at

Clarification: This story was updated July 28 at 9:35 a.m. to includes new family totals from the Utah Farm Bureau.