A man with a knife “pierced the skull” of a man and stabbed another in the chest before a passerby outside an Ogden bar threw the attacker on the ground and wrested the knife away, police wrote in charges filed this week.

Witnesses said the man was asked to leave the Historic Place bar, 162 25th St., during an argument on Monday afternoon, when he began lunging at patrons and trying to stab them, according to court documents. He replied that he would not leave and was going to kill people, police wrote. The man, 25, also said he wanted his food, police wrote.

One man was stabbed in the chest; the defendant chased another man around the bar and eventually stabbed him in the head, police wrote.

Others in the crowd forced the defendant outside by throwing things at him, police wrote. He tried to go back inside, but a patron threw a bar stool at him, striking him, and he went back out, police wrote.

He tried to get into the bar again, officers wrote, when a man outside walked past the bar.

The passerby “grabbed [the defendant] from behind, threw him to the ground and stripped the knife out of his hands,” police wrote.

Both victims suffered serious injuries and were taken to a hospital, police wrote. The defendant was charged with two second-degree felony counts of aggravated assault.