Police have arrested 50-year-old Tawnya Foster after she allegedly stole mail from 28 houses in Cottonwood Heights, affecting 48 people, FOX 13 reports.

Foster was caught on camera stealing mail Thursday from Kipp Wawrzyniak, who followed her after she drove off.

Wawrzyniak followed Foster through Murray and Cottonwood Heights and onto the freeway, and saw police eventually arrest her outside a Starbucks.

Once Foster was arrested, Cottonwood Heights police found drugs, stolen mail and documents in her car.

Sgt. JD Tazoi told FOX 13 that Foster has several felonies and warrants under her name.

“She’s got a history of it and she knows how to do it well,” Tazoi said.

Tazoi said mail is stolen every day and police are still looking for those who may have fallen victim to Foster.

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