Two U.S. Postal Service employees in Utah say their managers order employees to falsify delivery information on packages, causing residents to worry that packages listed online as “delivered” have been dropped off at the wrong address or stolen.

The two employees told FOX 13 the delivery rates directly correlate to manager salaries. (Their identities were not revealed to protect their jobs.) They estimated that 10-20 percent of the packages that come through the post office in the weeks leading up to Christmas are falsely scanned; that the post office is understaffed and unable to keep up with the volume of deliveries at this time of year; and that the scans are falsified because managers' salaries are tied to the on-time delivery rates.

Salt Lake City has been listed as No. 2 on the list of places where holiday packages are likely to be stolen off porches.

"In order for [the manager] to meet their numbers and be compensated for their salary, they have to meet certain delivery expectations," one employee told FOX 13. "And when they fail that, their compensation is obviously taken away from them."

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