Update • The Salt Lake County Health Department allowed this restaurant to reopen on June 29, 2018.

June 27, 2018 • A mouse infestation and other “health hazards” forced the closure of a well-known Chinese restaurant in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

The Ho Ho Gourmet, 1504 S. State, was shut down by the Salt Lake County Health Department because “there are numerous mouse droppings in the basement preparation and storage areas,“ a report on the website states.

“Open rodent bait stations are stored in the service area,” the report shows.

In all, the Chinese restaurant had 37 violations — 16 that were considered “critical” to human health.

The restaurant will remain closed until the owner has time to fix the problems and health inspectors consider it safe for customers.

Other critical problems found by the health department:

• The walk-in cooler is unable to hold potentially hazardous foods at or below 41 degrees, which can cause bacteria growth.

• The walls in the walk-in cooler are moldy.

• Raw chicken, leaf greens and fried tofu are being held at too high a temperature on a counter.

• Sauces, raw meats and various foods are being held at too high a temperature in the walk-in cooler.

• The inlet of the crab tank is below the water line.

• The hand sink is being used for other purposes.

• A chemical spray bottle is not labeled with the common name.

• A food container is being used to store sanitizers, a toxic material.