An Alabama man is in Utah mowing lawns on Monday, en route to cutting grass in all 50 states this summer.

And it’s the second year in a row that Rodney Smith Jr. is pulling off the feat.

Hello to Utah,” he tweeted. “I will be mowing in Salt Lake City, UT in the morning. If you know anyone who is elderly, disabled, a single mother or a veteran who needs their lawn mowed, let me know. It’s free.”

The graduate student at Alabama A&M University is the founder of the Raising Men Lawn Care Service, which began when he was an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn. Smith pulled over to help, and decided to start mowing lawns for those in need.

And in the summer of 2017, he set out on his 50-state journey to bring his campaign to the entire nation.

Utah is the 34th stop on his 2018 trek, and he aims to do more just cut grass. His 50 States-50 Lawns journey including teaching kids about lawn-mower safety, the importance of community service and encouraging them to take up the “50 Yard Challenge” — a pledge to mow 50 yards for the elderly, disabled, single mothers and veterans for free.

I believe it is critical that kids get involved with doing community service and move away from playing video games and staying inside the house all the time,” he wrote. “What better way to do that than to accept the 50-yard challenge!”