Update • Inspectors with the Salt Lake County Health Department allowed this restaurant to reopen June 18, 2018.

June 15 • A West Jordan restaurant specializing in Vietnamese Pho was shut down by the Salt Lake County Health Department on June 15 after inspectors found a meat slicer “caked with debris,” “dirty linens stored with clean plates“ and no hot water.

Pho 9, 1823 W. 9000 South, “was closed for presenting an imminent health hazard,” according to a report on the department website.

In all, the restaurant was cited for 17 health violations — 10 of which were considered critical to human health.

The restaurant will remain closed until the owner can fix the problems and inspectors say it is safe for the public.

Among the most egregious problems noted by health inspectors:

• The meat slicer and its internal components are caked with debris.

• Frequent cleaning is not evident.

• Dirty linens are stored with clean plates.

• There is no hot water at the facility.

• The main refrigeration is a beverage cooler with sliding glass doors.

• There is an extension cord taped to the floor reaching to a rice cooker on an opposite wall counter.

• Several cooked and uncooked foods were being held at temperatures higher than 41 degrees, which can promote bacteria growth.