The Salt Lake County Health Department shut down a seafood restaurant in South Salt Lake on Wednesday after finding no hot water in the facility, a broken refrigerator and a fly swatter stored on a prep table.

Del Mar al Lago, 310 W. Bugatti Ave., was cited for “presenting an imminent health hazard,” according to a notice on the department website. In all, the restaurant received 30 violations, 15 of which were considered critical to human heath.

“There is no hot water available in the facility,” the notice states. And the walk-in cooler “is unable to hold potentially hazardous foods at or below 41 degrees,” which can prevent food-borne illnesses.

The restaurant, which specializes in Peruvian ceviche, was not following proper thawing instructions for raw fish, the notice states, and it was “storing raw fish above ready-to-eat food.”

The restaurant will remain closed until the owner can fix the problems and health inspectors say it is safe for the public.

Other violations included:

• Dishes not being sanitized after cleaning.

• Mussels, blanched potatoes, shredded chicken, lettuce and corn drinks being held at 46 to 48 degrees, which can promote bacteria growth.

• A nonfunctioning hand sink in the bar area; the water was off and the drain pipe disconnected.

• Bowls used for food scoops and stored inside food containers.

• Gaskets damaged on a refrigerator and repaired with duct tape.