Two 12-year-old boys are accused of starting a grass fire that damaged a northern Utah school on Thursday.

Garland Police Chief Chad Soffe on Friday morning said Bear River Middle School suffered $4,000 or $5,000 damage. But later in the day, the police department said on social media the damage is $100,000. The school was already on summer recess.

The fire began about 8 p.m. Thursday. Soffe said the boys went behind some bushes at the school and started a small fire. They threw paper on top of it to make it bigger, Soffe said, and the blaze ignited the bushes and spread to the eaves on the roof.

Soffe said the fire burned a camera, an outdoor speaker and part of the eaves, but did not reach the roof. Garland’s volunteer fire department trains on Thursdays and was available to quickly arrive and douse the flames, Soffe said.

The police chief said he will recommend the boys be charged in juvenile court with reckless burning. He said the boys’ intent appeared to be to start a small fire but not burn anything of value.