Best Friends Animal Society has opened its kitten nursery for the season.

“Approximately 82 percent of the pets killed in Utah shelters are felines, and kittens are an especially at-risk group because of their susceptibility to illness and the resources required to raise them,” said Arlyn Bradshaw, Executive Director for Best Friends Animal Society—Utah, in a news release about the event.

Best Friends said it set a goal for Utah to be no-kill by next year, so the organization is focusing its efforts on saving kittens and cats.

“Our kitten nursery is a proven way to do this, because we can provide round-the- clock care for these fragile lives and help them reach an adoptable weight and age. It’s also vital for cat owners to help reduce the number of kittens who need this care, by having their cats spayed or neutered,” Bradshaw said.

See more photos of the kitten nursery in the gallery below.