When a security camera went missing from a Midvale home, its owner suspected three of his upstairs neighbors had taken it.

He reported the theft to police Saturday night, according to a news release from Unified police that describes the incident in detail.

When officers went to talk to the neighbors, no one was home, the release said. Later that night, the victim saw the suspects smoking outside their apartment, and because they’d had a “friendly relationship” in the past, he went to speak with them, “hoping to straighten out the situation.”

But instead of the discussion he expected, the neighbors invited the man inside the apartment, closed the door behind him, then grabbed him and held a knife to his throat.

The neighbors told the man to “drop the theft case or else he would be killed.” Later, the neighbors “forced” the man into a car.

The neighbors started to drive the car away from the complex, and while it was moving, the man being held unlocked a back door and jumped out, the release says. He escaped with minor injuries and called police.

On Sunday morning, police arrested the three neighbors and booked them into jail on suspicion of aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, theft and threats.