A former South Jordan police officer accused of trying to extort his now-ex-wife by threatening to send a compromising photo of her to her parents and post it on Facebook has resolved the case.

Jonathan Mangum, 31, allegedly used the photo as a way to get the woman not go after his pension during divorce proceedings.

Mangum was originally charged in 3rd District Court with second-degree felony theft by extortion, but pleaded he guilty Friday to a reduced class A misdemeanor count of attempted theft by extortion.

The plea will be held in abeyance for 14 months, after which the case will be dismissed if Mangum commits no new crimes and pays a court fee of $400.

The case against Mangum was opened after he responded to an Aug. 27 domestic violence call. Mangum was recorded on his body camera telling a suspect how he used a picture of his ex-wife to get her to refrain from pursuing part of his pension in the divorce.

Text records later revealed that Mangum used the photo to make extortion threats to his wife four times between April 28 and June 16 last year, according to charges.

His wife had filed for divorce on April 19 and the divorce was finalized on Aug. 21, court records show.

Mangum resigned from the South Jordan Police Department on Oct. 11, according to city spokeswoman Tina Brown, before investigators had reviewed the body camera footage. Mangum had been a police officer for South Jordan for a couple years, Brown has said.

In a Sept. 27 interview with Mangum’s ex-wife, she she was “scared” and “embarrassed” that the photo existed.

After the threats, the wife told Mangum she would leave the pension alone if he came back to mediation for the divorce.

Charges were filed against Mangum in November.