A 19-year-old Murray man received 56 days in jail and three years of probation for shooting up two houses with a shotgun in 2016.

Micah Everett Mackley was sentenced Monday by 3rd District Judge Keith Kelly. Mackley will have to submit to substance abuse and mental health evaluations and comply with whatever treatment is recommended.

He will also have to submit to drug and alcohol testing and is specifically ordered to not use spice — synthetic marijuana — or ivory wave — a synthetic psychoactive crystalline drug.

Mackely was charged with second-degree felony possession of an explosive device, five counts of third-degree felony discharge of a firearm and two counts of class B misdemeanor criminal mischief.

As part of a plea deal, he pleaded guilty to three counts of discharge of a firearm and the other charges were dismissed.

According to police reports, Mackley shot at a former friend’s house in Millcreek with a BB gun on Dec. 6, 2016, then taunted the friend — who had become a romantic rival — with text messages.

Later that day, Mackley went back to the house, located near 1000 E. Millcreek Way (3500 South), and shot at the home twice with a shotgun, then shot at a residence near 1600 E. 4200 South in Murray three times. Police reports do not explain a possible motive or connection between Mackley and the residents of the Murray home.

No injuries were reported in those shootings, though buckshot struck the Millcreek home in several places, police said.

According to the intended victim, on Dec. 2, 2016, Mackley had thrown a Molotov cocktail through the window of the victim’s father’s business at 225 West Paramount Ave. (1525 South), where the victim sometimes sleeps.

When police went to the business they found a large hole in one of the windows, along with a green glass bottle with a sock jammed in the top. Gasoline had leaked from the bottle, a police report states.

Mackley became a suspect after witnesses identified him and his vehicle. When police went to his home, near 800 E. 4300 South in Murray, about 9 p.m. to arrest him, Mackley’s father and grandmother left but he holed up in the home.

SWAT was brought in and eventually was able to get Mackley out and arrest him without incident in the early morning hours of Dec. 7, 2016.