There seem to be more instances of bats entering homes, schools and businesses in Utah this year.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources offers the following tips if you happen to have a bat enter your home or business.

(Photo courtesy of Thomas B. Szalay) Bats are seen in a box after they were caught by Ronnie Johnson at West High in Salt Lake City on Sept. 20, 2017.

• Do not swat at a flying bat. Wait for it to land.

• If you are trying to pick up a bat, always wear thick gloves.

• Open an outside door or window. Then leave the room and allow the bat to leave on its own.

• If the bat lands within reach, cover it with a towel.

• If the bat is on a curtain or wall, place a small box or can over the bat. Then slide a piece of cardboard over the opening, trapping the bat inside the container.

• Take the bat outside and release it on a tree or other high object.

• Do not leave the bat in the container. It will have difficulty crawling out. If it is in a towel, loosen the towel so it can get free.

If you happen to get a bite from a bat, the DWR recommends getting medical treatment immediately. Wash the wound with soap and water. Contact your doctor and the local health department. If possible, try to capture the bat alive so it can be tested for rabies.