For a hike on the gentle side, try Snowbasin’s Green Pond Loop Trail

Rolling hills, lush landscapes and intermittent shade give hikers and bikers a chance to unwind.

Jessica Miller | The Salt Lake Tribune The Green Pond Loop Trail on Snowbasin Ski Resort in Weber County on July 12, 2015.

This single-track dirt trail winds gently through the mountainside, dotted with wildflowers and lush green landscape. The trail alternates fairly evenly between sections of mature trees that provide welcomed shade and more open and sun-exposed areas.

While the trail has quiet spots where hikers will be mostly alone, there are busy sections where mountain bikers zoom past — some without much concern of hikers, dogs or anyone in their way. It seemed to be more popular for bikers, but it is also a lovely hike — that's not too difficult — for those on foot.

Hike description • The trail is well-marked with metal signs throughout the weaving of different tracks on Snowbasin's property. Hikers will notice a picnic area just under a mile into their trek. 

The trail can get a bit confusing at about 2.5 miles in — where the Green Pond trail technically ends. The signs will direct hikers to either Last Chance or Needles No. 1 trails. Follow the Needles trail to continue the loop.

It's on the Needles portion where hikers will get closer to the ski resort itself and cross the paths of several ski trails used in the winter. If you happen to hike on a Sunday during the summer, it's likely that you will hear faint music coming from the lawn of the main lodge where bands play during the afternoons. You might be tempted to cut through the hillside and take solace in the concert's beer tents, but keep following the trail — it will take you away from the noise for two more miles of quiet hiking.

Hikers will soon meet another signed junction, and this time they should follow the Snowbasin No. 12 trail. Soon enough, you will reconnect back to the trail you came on.

Directions • From Interstate 15, exit onto 12th Street in Ogden and follow the road east, up Ogden Canyon. Turn right on UT-167 South after passing Pineview Reservoir on the left. Turn right on UT-226 W, and the Green Pond Trail parking will be on the right just a few miles before you reach Snowbasin Ski Resort.

The parking lot is on the right side of the road as you head toward Snowbasin Ski Resort, though the trailhead is on the opposite side of the street. A metal sign that reads "Green Pond Trail #11" will mark the beginning of the trail.

Hiking time • 2-3 hours<br>Round-trip miles • 5.81<br>Elevation gain • 684 feet<br>Difficulty • Easy<br>Trailhead restrooms • No<br>Dogs allowed • Yes<br>Bikes allowed • Yes