The Salt Lake County Health Department shut down one of Utah’s most famous ice cream shops on Thursday because the sink was broken and employees had no way to wash their hands.

The Iceberg Drive-Inn franchise, 5049 W. 13400 South, Riverton, was closed for “presenting an imminent health hazard,” according to a notice posted on the department website.

Health inspectors found a dozen violations at the shop, which is one of six locations for the popular Utah-based company.

The store will remained closed until the owners can fix problems and health officials can deem it safe for the public.

Among the health problems found at the eatry:

• There is no operable hand sink convenient and accessible to the food preparation area.

• Employees do no have the ability to adequately wash their hands.

• Various floor surfaces are damaged.

• Dirty ceiling, fan covers, handles and gaskets.

• Hand sink is being used as a dump sink.