A KFC fast-food restaurant in Taylorsville was shut down on Thursday after inspectors from the Salt Lake County Health Department found a kitchen that was unclean, in disrepair and harboring pests.

The KFC at 4761 S. 4015 West was closed after inspectors found more than four dozen violations, including 15 that were critical and could negatively affect human health, a report on the department website shows.

The restaurant was immediately closed after the routine visit for creating an “imminent health hazard.” The business will remain shuttered until the owners fix problems and health inspectors deem it safe for the public.

“The person in charge is not ensuring that employees are routinely cleaning the facility to eliminate harborage conditions for pests,” inspectors wrote in the report. The person in charge also “is not ensuring that the facility is maintained in good repair.”

Flies and mice feces were present, as were “pooling water, debris, holes in walls, and grease inside facility,” the report notes.

Shelves and counters throughout the kitchen were unclean “in sight and touch,” inspectors said. Interior surfaces in the walk-in cooler were dirty as was the microwave, can-opener and other smaller appliances.