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  • Utah forecast: A surge of heat welcomes September, and summer’s ghost
    August ends, but not summer, yet. Still, as temperatures surge for perhaps the last time this year in Utah, you might hear the hottest season’s clock ...
    Updated Aug 30 2016 10:35 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Summer’s valley surge, autumn’s first mountain blush
    The first blush of autumn spreads through the hollows of the Wasatch Range, even as late-summer weather tightens its grip on the valleys and high dese...
    Updated Aug 29 2016 07:42 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah Forecast: After unusually cool Saturday, temperatures on the rise
    Following rainfall and cooler temperatures in Utah on Saturday, the air will begin to dry and warm as the week begins. Salt Lake Valley residents can ...
    Updated Aug 28 2016 03:07 pm   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Hot summer days beginning to fade
    It’s not exactly a “Game of Thrones” moment, but if the HBO show’s character Jon Snow were in Utah this week he might say: “Autumn is coming.” Tempera...
    Updated Aug 27 2016 10:41 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: An August farewell of sunshine, thunder and a little rain
    If the last weekend of August foreshadows summer’s end, Utah’s hottest season will go out with surge of sunshine, punctuated by thunderclaps and the s...
    Updated Aug 26 2016 06:54 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: That ‘odd uneven time’ of waning heat, thunderstorms and showers
    High temperatures will drop and a new cycle of thunderstorms herald chillier dawns as northern Utah slips into the weekend. As the poet Sylvia Plath o...
    Updated Aug 25 2016 08:33 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Of fading summer heat and crisp, cool mornings
    The solar hammer of summer has finally lifted from northern Utah, where the midweek forecast has daytime heat giving way to mere warmth, and sultry ni...
    Updated Aug 24 2016 09:04 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Midweek weather brings high fire danger north, storms in the south
    If Goldilocks grew up to be a meteorologist, she might say of the midweek forecast for the Salt Lake and Tooele valleys, “Ahhh, just right.” If the f...
    Updated Aug 23 2016 07:51 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Unsettled, central and southern regions may get wet
    Unsettled. An upper-level disturbance. And worse — it has begun to “drift slowly across the region” as the new work week gets underway. Relax. That’s ...
    Updated Aug 22 2016 09:26 am   |     |   Share
  • (Lennie Mahler  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)    The sun sets over the Stansbury Mountains, viewed from downtown Salt Lake City through smoky air that has mostly blown in from California wildfires Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016. Utah forecast: Hazy summer days lie ahead
    What Nat King Cole once called “those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” describes exactly the type of weather descending on Utah this week. The crazy ...
    Updated Aug 21 2016 08:04 pm   |     |   Share