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  • Utah forecast: Here comes the rain, again, falling like a memory
    Here comes the rain, again, falling on our heads like a memory of the past week’s Utah weather, and a prophecy of precipitation to come. And if, like ...
    Updated Apr 29 2016 07:37 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Rain today, rain tomorrow, rain on Saturday, too
    “Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life,” John Updike wrote. The National Weather Service says r...
    Updated Apr 28 2016 08:51 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Rain tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
    The forecast for northern Utah’s is for rain morning, afternoon, and evening, tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. But you don’t need a dispirited so...
    Updated Apr 27 2016 08:38 am   |     |   Share
  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   With the recent cool temperatures and wet weather the tulips are in their full glory at Temple Square in Salt Lake City Tuesday April 26. Forecast: Soggy valleys, powdery mountains, and more coming
    Bill Watterson, creator of the beloved “Calvin and Hobbes” comic strip, once observed that “rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a...
    Updated Apr 28 2016 02:38 pm   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Cool, wet, breezy spring, and all that jazz . . . poetry
    Renewed cool, wet and breezy spring weather will prevail as the work week gets underway along the Wasatch Front, and the mountains of northern Utah ma...
    Updated Apr 25 2016 08:38 am   |     |   Share
  • Forecast: A brief reprieve between storms
    After a soggy Saturday, the clouds break on Sunday before more rain and snow sweeps into the state. Starting Sunday night and lasting through Tuesday ...
    Updated Apr 24 2016 08:59 pm   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Wild, wet, windy Saturday; milder and drier Sunday
    After a wild, wet, and windy Saturday, Utah gets a calmer interlude on Sunday. Come Monday, however, rain and occasional thunderclaps will return to t...
    Updated Apr 23 2016 09:26 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Sopping, then a breather; warm again, storm again
    Courtesy of the Old Farmer’s Almanac, here is northern Utah’s weekend forecast: “Sopping, and with no sign of stopping, either — then a breather. Warm...
    Updated Apr 22 2016 10:01 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: After warmest day of year comes a weekend of rain
    Utah’s warmest temperatures of the year were forecast Thursday, but Friday will bring windy conditions ahead of a wet, thunderous weekend to the Wasat...
    Updated Apr 21 2016 08:55 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Warm, sunny days worth a haiku, or two
    Matsuo Basho likely would see Utah’s glorious, warm spring midweek as a poetic paradox of fleeting rebirth, and the caress of the infinite. “How I lon...
    Updated Apr 20 2016 09:25 am   |     |   Share
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