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Current conditions for Salt Lake/Davis:

  • Utah forecast: Hot temperatures this weekend and maybe some rain
    The weekend forecast calls for hot temperatures in Utah along with the possibility of rain. The National Weather Service is predicting highs in the mi...
    Updated Jul 04 2015 09:06 am   |     |   Share
  • Forecast: Hot statewide, and hazy along the Wasatch Front
    While a lot of people are celebrating America’s freedom, Utahns won’t be free from the heat. Sunny Salt Lake City can expect a high temperature of 97 ...
    Updated Jul 03 2015 09:36 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Yep. Hot as the proverbial firecracker on the Fourth of July
    Yeah, hot as the proverbial firecracker on the Fourth July. There’s your extended holiday weekend forecast, Utah. High temperatures on Independence Da...
    Updated Jul 02 2015 09:10 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Record heat, high pressure combine to make air unhealthy
    It’s not just the record-setting heat that is worrisome. Along Utah’s populous Wasatch Front, the air out there could be hazardous to your health as t...
    Updated Jul 01 2015 11:00 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: A tiny break from the heat for the Wasatch Front
    Northern Utahns are in for a break — albeit a tiny one — from the recent record-setting heat, and perhaps even a little wet relief. But that doesn’t m...
    Updated Jun 30 2015 03:18 pm   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: Hot enough to make the devil sweat
    Heat flirting with records statewide hammered Utah on Monday, with more of the sizzling same expected Tuesday. Along the Wasatch Front, triple-digit-p...
    Updated Jun 29 2015 02:22 pm   |     |   Share
  • Forecast: Still hot, and getting hotter
    Chances are, you don’t need us to tell you that it’s hot outside. If you do: It’s hot outside. After hitting 100 degrees for the first time this year ...
    Updated Jun 28 2015 10:09 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast will be one for the century mark as temps top 100
    The National Weather Service is predicting the hot weekend to continue for Utah, with the thermometer climbing above 100 in many locations. Temperatur...
    Updated Jun 27 2015 07:18 pm   |     |   Share
  • Forecast: Utah sizzles as a heat wave arrives
    The heat isn’t letting up anytime soon. Salt Lake City is expected to hit 97 degrees on Friday, followed by a 100-degree day on Saturday. St. George w...
    Updated Jun 26 2015 06:18 am   |     |   Share
  • Utah forecast: The heat continues
    The hot, dry weather will continue throughout Utah, with temperatures expected to reach triple-digits by the weekend. The National Weather Service pre...
    Updated Jun 25 2015 08:56 am   |     |   Share
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