Two new jerseys for the Utah Jazz were released Wednesday morning.

Aside from a prominent swoosh logo on the shoulder, they’re going to look pretty familiar.

Nike’s “Association’ and “Icon” models, which correspond to the traditional home and road jerseys, respectively, bear a strong resemblance to Utah’s previous adidas look after the jerseys were redesigned just a year ago. The biggest visual differences come on the trim, which appear to be more prominent around the collar and arms.

Some of the biggest differences, in fact, only may be noticed by the players. Nike, the NBA’s new apparel partner this coming season, has designed the fabrics with lightweight (and partially recycled) material that the company says should help wick sweat and stay dry. The fit of the jerseys also has been modified slightly for better range of motion, according to Utah’s news release.

There’s also a design element that’s new to the Jazz: Utah will be wearing a “5 for the Fight” shoulder patch on both jerseys. The patch was announced earlier this year as a partnership with Provo-based company Qualtrics to help raise money for cancer research. It’s the first company patch Utah ever has worn on a jersey.

The Association and Icon model jerseys no longer necessarily will be dictated by home and road games. Starting this year, home teams will be allowed to chose what jerseys they will wear at home. Nike will be releasing two more jerseys before the start of the season, one inspired by “player’s mindset” and one inspired by the community which Jazz president Steve Starks has promised will have an original look.