PCL baseball: Salt Lake Bees to open 2017 season at Albuquerque

First Published      Last Updated Dec 02 2016 04:21 pm

The Salt Lake Bees will open the 2017 season on April 6 at Albuquerque, the Pacific Coast League announced Friday.

After a four-game series against the Isotopes, the Bees will play their home opener on April 11 against Sacramento in the first of another four-game series.

As always, Salt Lake will play 142 games during the PCL's regular season — 71 at home and 71 on the road. They play 11 home games in April, 17 in May, 16 in June, 11 in July and 12 in August.

One highlight of the home schedule is a four-game series with Iowa, which is the Triple-A affiliate of the world champion Chicago Cubs. Salt Lake plays host to Iowa on May 11-14.

For ticket information, visit slbees.com or call 801-325-2337.

The 2017 Salt Lake Bees schedule:


6-at Albuquerque; 7-at Albuquerque; 8-at Albuquerque; 9-at Albuquerque; 10-at Albuquerque; 11-SACRAMENTO; 12-SACRAMENTO; 13-SACRAMENTO; 14-SACRAMENTO; 15-FRESNO; 16-FRESNO; 17-FRESNO; 18-at Sacramento; 19-at Sacramento; 20-at Sacramento; 21-at Sacramento; 22-at Fresno; 23-at Fresno; 24-at Fresno; 25-at Fresno; 27-EL PASO; 28-El PASO; 29-EL PASO; 30-EL PASO.


1-EL PASO; 2-at Reno; 3-at Reno; 4-at Reno; 5-at Reno; 6-OMAHA; 7-OMAHA; 8-OMAHA; 9-OMAHA; 11-IOWA; 12-IOWA; 13-IOWA; 14-IOWA; 15-at New Orleans; 16-at New Orleans; 17-at New Orleans, 18-at New Orleans; 19-at Round Rock; 20-at Round Rock; 21-at Round Rock; 22-at Round Rock; 23-EL PASO; 24-EL PASO; 25-EL PASO; 26-EL PASO; 27-TACOMA; 28-TACOMA; 29-TACOMA; 30-TACOMA.


1-at El Paso; 2-at El Paso; 3-at El Paso; 4-at El Paso; 5-LAS VEGAS; 6-LAS VEGAS; 7-LAS VEGAS; 8-LAS VEGAS; 9-ALBUQUERQUE; 10-ALBUQUERQUE; 11-ALBUQUERQUE; 13-MEMPHIS; 14-MEMPHIS; 15-MEMPHIS; 16-MEMPHIS; 17-at Tacoma; 18-at Tacoma; 19-at Tacoma; 20-at Tacoma; 22-at Las Vegas; 23-at Las Vegas; 24-at Las Vegas; 25-at Las Vegas; 26-RENO; 27-RENO; 28-RENO; 29-RENO; 30-LAS VEGAS.


1-LAS VEGAS; 2-LAS VEGAS; 3-LAS VEGAS; 4-at Fresno; 5-at Fresno; 6-at Fresno; 7-at El Paso; 8-at El Paso; 9-at El Paso; 13-SACRAMENTO; 14-SACRAMENTO; 15-SACRAMENTO; 16-SACRAMENTO; 17-at Reno; 18-at Reno; 19-at Reno; 20-at Reno; 21-ALBUQUERQUE; 22-ALBUQUERQUE; 23-ALBUQUERQUE; 24-ALBUQUERQUE; 25-at Memphis; 26-at Memphis; 27-at Memphis; 28-at Memphis; 29-at Nashville, 30-at Nashville, 31-at Nashville.


1-at Nashville 3-COLORADO SPRINGS; 4-COLORADO SPRINGS; 5-COLORADO SPRING; 6. COLORADO SPRINGS; 7-OKLAHOMA CITY; 8-OKLAHOMA CITY; 9-OKLAHOMA CIT; 10-OKLAHOMA CITY; 11-at Sacramento; 12-at Sacramento; 13-at Sacramento; 14-at Sacramento; 15-TACOMA; 16-TACOMA; 17-TACOMA; 18-TACOMA; 19-at Las Vegas; 20-at Las Vegas; 21-at Las Vegas; 22-at Las Vegas; 24-at Albuquerque; 25-at Albuquerque; 26-at Albuquerque; 27-at Albuquerque; 28-at Tacoma; 29-at Tacoma; 30-at Tacoma; 31-at Tacoma.